Exploring Ensign Harry Kim’s Mysterious Luxurious Apartment in Star Trek: Voyager

In the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Non Sequitur,” viewers are introduced to a parallel universe where Ensign Harry Kim, a character typically portrayed as a junior officer with modest means, is living in a luxurious apartment in San Francisco. This unexpected twist raises the question: how could Ensign Kim afford such an upscale living situation? To answer this, we delve into the Star Trek universe’s economic system, the specifics of the parallel universe, and the character’s background.

The Economics of the Star Trek Universe

In the Star Trek universe, the Federation operates on a post-scarcity economic model. This means that resources are abundant and money is essentially obsolete. The Federation’s technology, specifically the replicator, can create almost any object or food item, eliminating the need for traditional economic systems. Therefore, it’s plausible that Ensign Kim’s luxurious apartment is not a result of wealth, but rather an allocation of resources by the Federation.

The Parallel Universe Scenario

In the “Non Sequitur” episode, Ensign Kim wakes up in a parallel universe where he never joined the Voyager’s crew. Instead, he’s a successful Starfleet design specialist living in San Francisco. This alternate reality could have different economic or social structures that allow Kim to afford his luxurious apartment. It’s also possible that his position as a design specialist comes with certain perks, such as a high-end living arrangement.

Ensign Kim’s Background

Harry Kim comes from a well-educated family, with both parents being musicians. While it’s not explicitly stated, it’s possible that his family has significant resources. In the parallel universe, these resources could have been used to secure his luxurious apartment. However, this is purely speculative as the show doesn’t provide concrete details about Kim’s family wealth.


While the show doesn’t provide a definitive answer, there are several plausible explanations for Ensign Kim’s luxurious apartment in the “Non Sequitur” episode. The post-scarcity economics of the Star Trek universe, the specifics of the parallel universe, and Kim’s potential family resources all provide possible answers. Regardless of the explanation, this episode provides an intriguing glimpse into an alternate life for Ensign Kim, adding depth to his character and the Star Trek universe.